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About Balletinas

Balletinas is a brand of ballerinas designed and manufactured exclusively in Spain. It was first founded in the eighties, with the creation of a small manufacturing workshop making shoe decorations. They made a wide selection of flower, ribbon and bow samples in different materials, which they later sold to large women's footwear companies all around the world.

Later, after the company entered its second generation, they decided to start a new line of business using the knowledge acquired over the last three decades in the world of women's footwear. This is how the Balletinas company became what it is today, with a simple line of high quality ballerinas that has more than 2,000 designs and an extensive range of colors and different materials, making your ballerinas unique and one-off designs.

At Balletinas we endeavor to take care of all the fine details of the manufacturing process so that our clients can have unique one-off shoes. We are so confident of our claim that we guarantee a maximum production of 12 pairs per color and design. Your Balletinas will be unique!