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Velvet Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Velvet is a material totally on trend, one of the star fabrics of the last seasons, mostly during the autumn-winter collections. More and more labels use velvet due to the elegance and softness it transmits. One of the keys of velvet in the fashion world is that it has managed to conquer all levels, from the most luxury brands like Balmain, Valentino, Gucci or Armani, to the low cost brands like Zara and Mango.

Velvet ballet flats ballerina shoes

Since velvet flats became famous they have developed a lot, mostly in two different aspects. First, it was not until long ago when velvet ballet flats were a shoe reserved only for night events, usually for party looks, it was unusual to see a woman wearing velvet ballerinas during the day time. This has taken a 180º change, now it’s frequent and possible to use velvet flats for all kinds of looks, both day and night.

Second, and very connected to the first point, usually velvet ballet flats were in cold colors like Bordeaux, grey or navy blue, something logic considering they were for the night. But, during the last seasons we’ve seen velvet flats in many colors like yellow, orange and even hot pink.

How to wear your velvet ballerinas?

The truth is that with this material one has to be very careful to not end looking like a disaster. Like other skin materials allow you to a total look, velvet does not. Forget about wearing your velvet ballet shoes with a bag and dress of the same fabric. Absolutely no! Then, which ones are the options?

You can try to add velvet flats to a relaxed look, meaning that you only use this fabric for the shoes. Wear them with a pair of boyfriend jeans and an oversize sweater for a casual look, and with some leather leggings and a blouse for a more formal look.

If you want to take some risks, you can try for velvet ballet shoes with clothes in other materials and introduce a velvet bag to the look, but remember, the bag must be of another color and tone as the ballerinas. Meaning that, if you wear wine color velvet flats, the bag can be in a velvet dark green or black color, but never wine color!

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