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Tassels Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

One only needs to see a movie from the 1920’s to see that tassels and fringes were a big trend in female fashion. Wearing clothes or accessories with tassels and fringes was a bold move for those women, but they wanted to show that they had a place in the world, and make themselves noticed. It was during those years when women began to show that they wanted their own space and it was thanks to fashion that they managed to do that, with a bold, challenging and rebel look with the tassels as their icon. This way the Charleston style was born, where tassels and fringes were the main protagonists.

Today, almost a century after that, it looks like tassels still represent that victory and independence gained during the 1920’s. And they work, because designers like Lanvin, Tom Ford or Oscar de la Renta have used them in their latest collections.

Tassels ballet flats

Ballet flats with tassels are the latest trend

Tassels could not be more on trend, we can find them in earring, blouses, bags, wallets…. And also in shoes! The ballet flats with tassels are the latest trend. One of the biggest advantages of ballet flat shoes with tassels is that one can find a large number of options to choose from. It only depends on the risk you want to take.

If you prefer to wear a more safe and classic look which will guarantee you a hit in every occasion, you can choose ballet flats with tassels in colors like navy blue, beige or black and with tassels in some color. For example, beige ballerinas with navy blue tassels, or black ballerinas with red tassels… The options are infinite.

If you like to take risks with your look, then do it! One can find everywhere millions of daring ballet flats with tassels that will make a difference. If you choose prints, you can choose the safest option of all them. Only one print for the ballerinas, like animal print with beige tassels. If you are a complete wild card, then try the riskiest option, mix prints. For example, animal print and military print, and the tassels in a totally different color like fuchsia. Do you dare to wear them?

Let us give you an advice: When buying ballerinas with tassels, one can choose between round toe ballerinas or sharp (like a classic stiletto). The last ones are completely on trend, and not only because they match with all kind of clothes, but also because they help to stylize your figure.

Tassels ballerina shoes

You can find a large number of ballerinas with tassels in our catalogue:

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