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Swarovski Crystals Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

This 2015 Swarovski has celebrated its 120 anniversary. The brand was born in 1895 in Wattens (Austria). A company that has faced a huge development since its creation and has become today the main glass seller for many companies, especially in the accessories and clothing sector. That way the Swarovski ballet flats were born.

Swarovski crystal ballet flats for women

A bit of history…

The history of Swarovski dates of 1895 in Wattens (Austria). Daniel Swarovski invented the high precision machine, an invention that today has inspired the world of imitation jewelry, fashion and design. Swarovski reinforced his role in fashion thanks to his friendship with many of the big couturiers of the XIXth century. It was in the 20’s when the demand of Swarovski glass really took off; it was then when the brand started to provide to the most famous designers of the time like Madeleine Vionnet (label that still today exists) and Jean Patou.

During the 50’s Swarovski achieved the greatest moments of his career with designers like Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli and Cristobal Balenciaga. The creation of the Northern Lights effects with multicolored angles was huge, and even Christian Dior fell for it.

Today Swarovski glass it’s still a main piece in collections of designers like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta.

Swarovski Crystal Ballet Flats Ballerina Shoes

Swarovski ballet flats

Nowadays, many brands like to have ballet shoes full of Swarovski glass in their collections. And the variety is huge, for all kind of women and events.

We can find designs of Swarovski flats that are very discrete. Ballerinas in plain colors with a bow detail that includes some Swarovski glass detail. A classic option that will give a lot of flare and make the difference for your look. There are also Swarovski ballet flats with a more striking designs: Plain colors, or ballerinas with prints with Swarovski glass creating the most innovative images and drawings like the name of the brand, or a bow or a buckle.

One of the trends that has been going on with more strenght is Swarovski flat shoes totally plain, with no details but that have a anklet full of glass details. With a ankle length trouser or a dress it looks great!

For the night the star material of the last seasons is velvet. So many brands have velvet ballerinas with Swarovski details, ballet shoes in that material and with hand-made attached glass details, from white to color glass to create a more vibrant shoe.

In Balletinas you can find a large number of Swarovski flat shoes in our website:



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