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Suede Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Suede ballet flats have been a trend for the last autumn-winter seasons. Many designers are including them in their runaway shows to match their looks.

Suede ballet flats ballerina shoes

For a long time there’s been a myth about suede flats, saying that they are very delicate and that they get dirty immediately. Although is a silky yet strong material that guarantees the highest comfort. Also, compared to napa and other types of skin, suede does not get ripped or scratched. With the right care you can have your suede flats for a very long time in your closet.

Suede ballet flats shoes

Tips to take care of your suede ballerina flats

If it’s raining, leave them at home, because water is without doubt the worst of the enemies of suede. Also, when it rains it’s common to see dirty water puddles on the street, and that can really damage your ballerinas.

When thinking of were to keep them at home, the best place has to be dark, with good airing and with no humidity. That’s the best way to make sure your ballet shoes will not get mold as time passes by.

Suede ballerina shoes for women

How to clean your suede flats? Step by step

  1. We recommend you to use a pencil eraser to remove totally the scratches or the difficult to remove stains that are still left on the skin. In some shoe shops you can find erasers made especially for suede; and if you don’t want that or cannot find it, the ones we used in school work just as fine.
  2. Once the scratches and stains are gone, clean your suede flats with a mix of neutral soap and water.
  3. The third step is to clear out the foam with lukewarm water and with the help of a brush to erase all the dirt.
  4. Suede ballerina flats must be completely dry, so the best way to remove the excess of water is with a dry cotton towel, and then leave the ballerinas dry in a play with lots of air and far from heat sources.
  5. Once your suede flats are completely dry, you only have to brush with a metallic bristles brush and then use a suede protector spray.
  6. Let the suede ballet flats dry once again. And that’s it, they are as if they were new now!

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