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Studded Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

After the boom studs had during the 1980’s, it looks that they are back on trend. Today we can see studs in our clothes, accessories, shoes and to be truth, they look wonderful. Blouses with studs on the shoulders, ballet shoes with studs, night clutch with studs….They immediately add a rebel punk touch to every look, and they can transform the most elegant look into the most rebel one.

Studded ballet flats

During the last seasons, designers like Burberry have presented collections where studs have had a big role. Like for example, the last winter show of Burberry Prorsum where the brand showed a skirt full of studs.

What’s the origin of studs?

We find the origin of studs during the punk years, when it became huge in United Kingdom and New York. In New York, the New York Dolls would be dressed as women and they would play a roaring sound, breaking with the previously established style. In London, Sex Pistols or The Clash would be doing the same. One of the biggest style icons of the punk in fashion is no other than the grand Vivienne Westwood, then girlfriend of Malcom McLaren. She was the one who dared to get the tartan print out of its comfort zone and added lots of studs.

How to wear my studded ballerinas?

Mostly there are two ways to wear studded ballet flats with style. You can wear a non punk look and then add these shoes to give the whole look a rebel touch. Or you can wear a rebel punk look and make it even stronger with your studded ballet shoes. Let’s see both options more profoundly!

Studded ballet flat shoes ballerinas

If you go for the first option, in the world of studs there are no rules, it’s you who decides the limit of studs you want to year. You can wear a more discrete and classic look in black and add studded ballet shoes. Or if you want something bolder, you can add studs to your clothes or accessories. Studded ballerinas, black clothes and then you add a studded belt and a studded clutch. The punk style brought to the limit!

If you prefer a punk look that can be made stronger with your studded ballet flats, a great look both for day and night are ripped jeans, a punk T-shirt and a leather jacket with studded details on the shoulders or the wrists.

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