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Lizard print Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Today, one can find a huge number of ballerinas in the market. From the most classic ones in plain colors with a little bow detail, to other ones much bolder like printed ballerinas. Adding different prints to the ballet shoes has been a trend for some seasons already, but there is one print that really stands out between all those prints: Lizard print. Yes. Lizard print ballet flats could not be more on trend, and it looks the trend is here to stay…

Lizard print ballet flats

Discrete or extravagant lizard print ballerinas?

If you also decided to jump on the trend of the lizard print ballerinas, you have two options. It depends on the type of look you want to create.

You can go with a more discrete and safe option. Ballet shoes for the daytime that combine different tones of the same color like brown or black in lizard print. If you want, you can add some little detail to the ballerinas like a bow or fringes. Something that adds a little touch but maintains the discretion of the look.

If you prefer to go for a more extravagant look with your lizard print ballet flats, you can find lots of different styles in the market. You can try to combine different colors with the print like orange or bright pink, or if you want something less striking, black or green.

For the night, lizard print ballerinas are totally recommended. Why? They bring a dose of glamour and sophistication to every look. It’s easy to find many models nowadays, but the best options are metallic tones like silver or golden. To combine them wear a dress or a long jumpsuit in a plain color like black and then add a clutch that matches your shoes.

Lizard print ballerina shoes

How to wear lizard print ballet shoes?

  • Jeans: Denim matches very well with lizard print because it’s a neutral material. So wearing your shoes with denim it’s the perfect option for a casual look.
  • White: You can wear a total White look every moment of the year (Yes, it’s true, White does not only belong to summer) and then add some lizard print ballet flats. The whole look will have an angelic sweet image, but with the shoes giving a bold touch.
  • Solid colors: Wear your lizard print ballerina flats with solid color items will help to create a formal yet striking and strong look. Try to add some belt or accessories with lizard print so the whole look will be balanced.

You can find a large number of lizard print ballet flats in our catalogue:

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