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Snake Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

For some seasons now, animal print it has been a huge trend, being a key element both in winter or summer collections. It gives us the chance of creating stunning combinations that show a lot of style and personality. The truth is that we can see more and more designs imitating the skin of different animals, so today it’s time for snake skin ballet flats.

Snake ballet flats shoes

How to wear snake skin ballerinas?

Wearing animal print is not an easy task, but it’s not so difficult as many women think. It’s very important to know clearly some concepts to not fail in your choice, simple as that. So, taking into account the following tips we are going to give you, you will be able to wear your snake skin ballet shoes without problem.

White is always a safe bet. In fact, if you have doubts with the rest of colors to wear your ballet shoes, go for white to match your skin print ballerinas. If you want to stick to the safe option, you can also try with black, and also in contrast to white, black is a color you can wear all year long, although is the autumn and winter when you can use it more often.

Snake pattern ballerina shoes

If you are looking for something more daring to wear with your snake skin ballet flats, you can add clothes in pastel tones to the look. It can look like a shocking combination, but the truth is that pastel colors like pink, green or blue, match perfectly with snake print ballet shoes, no matter the kind of tone they are.

This is for daily looks. But, and for the night? You can try the colors we explained previously to match your snake print ballet shoes. But, if you are looking for a look completely thought for the night, try your snake print ballerinas with a silver trouser and a black blouse!

Snake ballerina shoes

It’s true that many celebrities have dared to wear more than once a total look in snake print, but from Ballerinas we recommend you to wear only one item of clothing or shoe, maybe two, but that’s the maximum. Because if you wear more items, the whole look will be over the top, so it will end up being very striking and not elegant at all. In this case, you can wear your snake print ballet shoes with a bag of the same print, jeans and blouse either black or white; or wear your snake print ballerinas with a blouse in the same print, black trousers and a plain black bag. These two ways make sure the look is well balanced.

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