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Sequins Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

There are many women that don’t want t wear high heels for special events, and then they face a big challenge, because it is not easy to find flat shoes right for the event. Well, we’re glad to say that sequined ballerinas are the solution.

Sequins are present in almost every design of the haute couture fashion, as they add an elegant and glamorous touch to every piece of clothing, shoe or accessory.

Sequins Ballet Flats Ballerinas shoes

Tips to take into account when choosing sequined flat shoes

For the day or for the night? Even if it’s true that traditionally it has been a shoe that was exclusively used for night events, now everyone can wear sequined flat shoes at any moment of the day. Many celebrities are wearing this trend. We have to big examples like Chiara Ferragni and Zooey Deschanel who did not have any doubt and they brought this trend to their daily looks.

Maximum shine or a more discrete look? One can find lots of sequined ballet shoes in the market. Which ones to choose only depend on the effect you want to create. In Balletinas we have established three levels, being the first one the more discrete and the third one the boldest one going to the maximum shine.

  1. For a discrete look, wear plain clothing items with the ballerinas. It would be better if the ballerinas have only a tiny sequined detail, like a bow. Also it’s important that the ballet shoes are in neutral colors like beige or black.
  2. For bolder look, you can still wear plain clothing items and then add sequined ballet flats, but in this case the shoes must be completely covered by sequins. If you want a more daring look try strong colors like silver or blue. They will help to elevate the look.
  3. If you want to achieve the biggest shine, wear your sequined flat shoes with clothes that also have some sequined detail. For example, try a sweater with some details around the neck, or a T-shirt with a sequined detail print.

Basic rules to wear your sequined ballerinas

  • For the night wear dark colors, but for the day soft light colors are the best option.
  • The key for the ballerinas to be the center of the look, it’s that you let them be the shining element, so try to avoid combinations with other textures or prints.
  • It’s trendy to play with different tones of sequins, either degradé or contrasting looks. Be daring!
  • Try to keep your sequined ballet shoes in the best condition. That way they will not downgrade your look.
  • A pair of sequined ballet flats it’s more than enough to create a look based on them.

Sequin ballet flat shoes

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