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Patent Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Patent leather ballerinas flats are a classic shoe, timeless, they never go out of fashion. Even if it’s true that it was not long ago when the patent leather ballerina models were limited to plain colors and sometimes a little detail like a bow or a buckle. Today, we can find hundreds of new models, with many different styles, yet keeping the classic elegance that patent leather brings. What are those new things? Striking multicolored prints, 3D floral details…

Patent Ballet Flats Ballerina Shoes

Patent leather, as a material, is a very resistant one. But, one has to be careful because patent leather ballet flats need special care to avoid as many scratches as possible. Compared to textile or leather ballet flats, these ones are much easier to take care of, and they last longer in a good state in our closets.

How to take care of patent leather flats?

The biggest enemy of patent leather ballet flats are scratches, so it’s very important to keep the ballerinas in a place where they are well protected. A good idea is to keep each shoe in a cloth bag. Also when walking with them, you have to be very careful not to scratch them between themselves or without walls or corners.

Patent leather ballet flats are the perfect choice for a night event. Although, from Balletinas we recommend you not to wear them to an event on a garden, because the contact with grass can damage them, resulting in irreparable damage for your shoes.

Patent ballet flats ballerinas shoes

What do you have to do if your patent leather ballerina flats get dirty?

The most important thing is that they look as if they are new, so try to clean them as soon as possible. The best way is to do it with a cloth, so that way the material does not get damaged. Is enough with getting the cloth a bit wet with water and then clean the dirty area. Once they’ve been washed, dry them with a towel to prevent humidity from damaging them. If the stain is very deep and water is not able to remove it, try with nail polish remover (without acetone) or with a mixture of water and vinegar.

Patent ballet flats shoes

What to do if your patent leather ballet flats lost gloss?

Nowadays the market is full of products created to bring gloss to your ballerinas so they look like new. A home-made solution that works very well is getting wet a cotton in a mixture of olive oil and Vaseline and then very softly rub the ballerinas.

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