Mesh Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Mesh ballet flats have been a trend for the last years, mostly during the spring-summer season. There are plenty of models, which ones to choose depend on the style you want to achieve and how daring you are to wear ballerinas.

Mesh Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoesv

Which mesh ballerinas do i choose?

In the beginning when mesh flat shoes were starting, there were a shoe few women wore, and they were very discrete. Usually made in suede or skin, the mesh detail would be limited to the toe or the heel, and always in the same tones as the flats.

This concept has given a radical turn during the last years. Nowadays, we can find many styles of mesh ballet flats on the market.

On one hand, discrete models like the ones we've just mentioned. The perfect option for an elegant and sophisticated look with flat shoes footwear, but with an extra touch thanks to the mesh detail.

On the other hand, we can find very striking models, and we can classify them on an scale, in terms of how extravagant they are:

  • Mesh balelt shoes with a mesh in a different tone: They follow the same idea of the discrete models, but here the difference is that the mesh on the toe or the heel is a different color to the ballerinas. So we can find green ballet shoes with an orange mesh or even with prints like floral or boho. Score on the extravagance scale 3/10
  • Flat shoes were the mesh is the main fabric: In this type of ballerinas the mesh does not appear limited to the heel or the toe, and it appears on the whole shoe. We can find models in one color, combination of different tones and colors, prints... Level of extravagance 6/10
  • Transparent mesh ballet flats: It's the latest trend in footwear, even if we don't see a lot of them on the street yet. Some celebrities have already jumped on this trend of transparent mesh flat shoes. The shoe leaves the feet totally in sight, as if you were barefoot. Level of extravagance 10/10

If you are looking for mesh ballet flats of the highest quality and for a good price, in Balletinas we have a large number of models for every type of women and style, from the more discrete looks to the most extravagant ones. Exclusive designs handmade in Alicante. You can see them in our online store:


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