Leather Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Leather ballerinas are one of the best options for women in terms of shoes after all these years. Why? The benefits leather offers against synthetic materials are many.

Leather ballet flats

Often people connect leather ballet shoes with older women, but that’s not reality at all. In the market many brands exist nowadays where you can buy your leather flats. From the most classic ones, in one color and a little bow or buckle detail to the most innovative ones with prints in many colors or a 3D detail.

What are the advantages of leather flat shoes?

The biggest advantage is the shoes made of this material are very lasting. It’s a very resistant material, because leather does not break or crack. Even if it’s true that synthetic material ballet shoes are cheaper, they are not a good investment. It’s better to pay a little more money for a leather ballet flats that you know they will last for a longer time, than buying a pair made of synthetic leather and have to buy a new pair in a few months.

Leather ballet flats shoes

The truth is that at the beginning leather ballerinas are not very comfortable, but you have to remember that this material with time it extends, not deforms, so then it adapts to the measures of your feet.

Also, leather ballet flats are very easy to repair. Both the scratches or the ripped problems are much more easier to solve than in synthetic material ballet shoes.

A very important tip, especially for the summer. With leather flat shoes, the feet transpire less, so they stay dry the whole day and there’s no sweat, so there’s not bad smell either.

Last but not least, going for leather ballet shoes is a benefit for environment, because synthetic leather ballerinas are a mixture of natural leather and some toxic materials, that can provoke damages not only in the environment but also in your skin.

Leather ballerina shoes

In Balletinas you can find a large amount of leather flat shoes in many different styles, for all kind of women and occasions. They are flat shoes designed and tailored by ourselves, and also they are exclusive, because we only fabricate 12 pairs for color and model. You can find them in our online store: www.balletinas.com/collections/all/


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