Glitter Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

It looks like the glitter trend is here to stay. For the last few seasons, the eighties fashion full of shine and glitter has conquered the runaways and collections of designers all over the world. Manicures with impossible flashes, glitter ballerinas, glitter dresses…. Everything shines.

Glitter ballerina shoes flats

One of the things that have changed more drastically during the last years is that previously shining or glittering fabrics were something reserved only for party looks, for night looks, and not for every night. The shining shoes, clothes or accessories were used in special occasions like New Years Eve, or a night wedding. Also, this glitter trend was only present in glittering bags; there were not glitter ballet shoes o glitter dresses.

But during the last years everything has changed. We don’t only wear glitter ballerinas some other night of the year, we have also moved them to the daily wear world. Now we dare to wear glittering fabrics at every moment of the day.

How to wear my glitter ballet flats

How to wear my glitter ballet shoes?

For the more daring ones

If you want to achieve a striking look, you have three options. You can look for some glitter ballet flats that combine many colors. Today is very easy to find many options in the market, you can even dare with glitter military print; then you choose clothes in neutral plain colors, and you are ready!

The second option is to wear plain ballet shoes in a neutral color with glitter clothes, like a dress. The third one, we only recommend it for a night look, is wearing your glitter ballet shoes with glitter clothes. For example, a pair of silver or golden glitter ballerinas, and wearing them with a glitter black mini dress.

For the more classic ones

If you look a more relaxed look, you can try more classic options to wear your ballet flat shoes. Look for some plain ballet shoes in colors like beige, black or metallic blue, and wear them with plain clothes. For example, black glitter ballet shoes with a grey suit. A classic look, but safe, and that it’s a hit both for day and night.

Wedding glitter ballet flats shoes

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