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Flower Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Floral prints are a classic, one of those that never goes out of trend, and that you can wear all year long. If you also want to wear it, you can try a pair of flower flat shoes.

Flower ballet flats ballerina shoes

How to choose my flower flats?


The first question you have to ask yourself is: which print do I want? It’s important that it suits your style and your taste. Flower flat shoes go from the most delicate print to the boldest ones. If you want a simple yet sophisticated look, the best option is ballerinas with small flowers print. If, on the hand, you want something bold, you can go for big flower print ballet shoes, with flowers in warm colors that catch the eye.


Once you have chosen the print of your flower flats, it’s time to select the color. There are more discrete options that combine neutral colors such as black and white, or other ones much more striking with bold colors.

How to wear floral ballet flats ballerinas

How to choose my flower ballet shoes?

Once you have selected the flower flats you want, the big question raises: how do I combine them? Here three ideas from Balletinas.

  • For a romantic look, you can choose flower print flats in earth tones and wear them with pastel tones clothes like sky blue or blush pink.
  • For the night there’s an option that works very good both for winter and summer: plain clothes, like for example a black dress with big flowers print, wear it with your flat shoes with flower in the same color as the dress. You will look amazing.
  • For some seasons on the retro style is a trend, so why not take advantage of it and wear your flower flat shoes? You can choose a long boho dress in blue tones and match it with your flower beige ballet shoes.

Of course, if you are looking for a different look, there are other options wearing your flower flats with other clothes with prints. Do you dare?

  • Idea number 1: Blue flower ballet flats with a white trouser and an animal print blouse in blue tones. A summery look with which you will not be missed!
  • Idea number 2: Yellow flower flats with jeans and a t-shirt with white and yellow stripes. Ideal!

In Balletinas we have a large variety of flat shoes with flower; from the most discrete ones for the elegant looks, to the bold ones, ideal for the outfits full of color.

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