Chain Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

It’s the little details what make a look unbeatable. That’s why, ballerinas with chains are so important. During the last years the chains come in extra large size. They are without doubt amazing and striking accessories that will transform your ballerinas.

Ballet flat shoes with chains

How can you wear ballerinas with chain details?

The chain revival makes it very important to look at the ballerinas with the chain detail, but also to the clothes you will wear your ballerinas with. If we speak about the ballet flats, the most common thing is to think about neutral colors like beige or black, but if you really want a striking look, you can go for much more daring colors like red or blue. They look wonderful with chain details! In terms of clothes, chained detailed ballet shoes look very good with soft, vaporous fabrics, because they create a nice contrast. The thicker materials or very rustic jeans don’t go very well with them.

Ballerinas shoes with chains

Of course, it is extremely important to take a look at which kind of links the chain has, if they are thin or thick. Also we have to remember that usually the chain is silver, gold or bronze. Silver gives a more rocker and punk look, especially if the links are thick. On the other side, the golden chained ballerinas have more opulent look, while the bronze ones they give a more delicate look.

Ballet shoes with chains?

Right now the market is full of different styles. With the chain around the piping of the ballerinas, or with chains made of fabric instead of metal. Also as a decoration at the toe, to give the look a more rocker style.

Bold combinations of ballet shoes with chains are on trend

If You like chained detailed ballet flats, for the daily look, look for a contrasting style. They could not be more on trend! For a more formal look, the most common and easy option is wearing a black jumpsuit, and then add black ballerinas with chains in gold or silver. But, why not go for a more original look? You can dare to try purple ballet flats with bronze chains; then add a purple belt, and you are ready to conquer the world!

For a night look, dare to combine chained detailed ballet flats with other colors, don’t go for the typical ones like red or black. Look for more daring ballerinas in colors like blue or mustard.

Ballet flat shoes ballerinas with chains

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