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Camouflage Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Camouflage print has been a trend for some seasons now. It has two big advantages that makes more women to jump on this trend. First, camouflage flat shoes are timeless, so they look great in a sunny summer day or during a rainy winter day. Second, wearing them with different clothes and accessories you can adapt them to many different occasions, from the most casual ones like taking a stroll, to the most formal ones like a night gala.

Camouflage ballet flats ballerinas shoes

Camo ballet flats have been traditionally in green or Brown tones. But, from the last seasons now we are also spotting them in different colors and tones, both warm or cold ones: Yellow, grey, green, white…

how to wear camo ballet flats

How to wear camo flat shoes?

When wearing camouflage flat shoes there’s only no rule: Never a total look! It’s true that other prints like floral or boho, allow a total look, but camo does not. It’s not good to wear a head to toe look with this print.

For the more discrete ones…

If you don’t dare much with camouflage print, the best thing is to start with accessories and shoes. You can try a pair of camo ballet shoes, and wear them with skinny jeans or black leggings and a blouse in the same tone as the ballerinas (Green, brown, grey, blue…)

One idea: Camo flat shoes with leather clothes looks great and it creates a strong and edgy look. So you can try a pair of camo ballerinas with skinny leather trouser and a rocker T- shirt. You will love the outcome!

For the boldest ones…

If you are the kind of girl who likes to take risks when combining your camouflage flat shoes, there are some ideas you can take into account to achieve a great look:

  • For the day: Camo ballet flats with clothes with other prints. Don’t go over the top, so the best is to go for another print in the same tone as the camo ballerinas. For example, ballerinas in dark green tones and an animal print dress in sand tones.
  • For the night: Take advantage of metallic textures, you can wear your camouflage flat shoes with a silver dress. You will be the center of attention!

In Balletinas we have a large number of camo ballet shoes:


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