Buckles Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Versatile and very glamorous, that’s how we could describe buckles ballet flats, one of the trends on the fashion world for some seasons. It can be a detail to help to close the strap of the ballerinas, or as a decorative detail on the toe, but the truth is that is becoming one of the most used details by designers all over the world. For some seasons on we have seen them in both spring-summer or autumn-winter collections.

Buckles Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Ballerinas with buckles in tones like silver or gold have been the key element of the new collections of brands, from luxury like Louis Vuitton to low cost like Mango. 

Ballet shoes with functional buckles?

Ballet flats with buckles are a trend, and the ones where the buckle is a functional detail are too. Usually the most classic ones with find are with a tiny strap where the buckle goes around the instep. You can even find them with one, two, or even more than five buckles on the ankle. They are totally on trend! 

Ballerinas with decorative buckles detail? 

Of course! They are ballet flats with buckles that they are not functional, they are just a detail on the shoe, and you can find plenty of models on the market nowadays. Which one to choose depends on your taste and the amount of risk you want to take with buckle ballet flats. 

Buckles Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

For the more classic ones, we can find ballet flats with traditional buckles, this means, the buckle detail is on the toe of the ballerinas. Usually buckles are of the same tone as the flats, like for example beige and brown, but lately the tendency is to play with colors and we can find color combinations like blue and yellow or grey and red. 

There are some brands than offer ballet flats with buckles with more risky designs. You can find ballerinas full of buckles, small ones, in many colors that cover the whole shoe. 

For the night, exclusive ideas: Ballet flats with buckles full of Swarovski glass or gemstones, ballerinas with silver or gold buckles… Wonderful ideas to attend a gala or an event in the most elegant yet comfortable way! 

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