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Bows Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Bows have always been on trend. It has been an accessory that ever went out of fashion. But, for some seasons now, something has changed in the way of wearing them; they have stopped being another accessory that just matched the clothes or the shoes, to be an outfit in itself. This way, during the last seasons many collections and runaway shows of the top brands have included blouses with bows or even jeans with 3D bows, making them the protagonist of the outfit.

Bows ballet flats ballerina shoes

Tips to wear your bow ballet shoes

If you also want to jump into the bow trend, you can start by buying a pair of bow detail flats. In Balletinas we have a large catalogue with ballerinas with this detail. These are the three main trends to take into account when choosing them:

  • Texture combinations: A style that has become a total hit during the last seasons. Wearing bow flats in the same texture can be a bit boring, right? Try different combinations! For example, skin ballerinas with a suede bow, or vice versa.
  • Color combination: In classic ballet shoes the bow is from the same color as the shoe. But anyway we think it’s better if you dare with bow ballet flats with a color combinations. You have plenty to choose from, from the discrete ones in brown with a beige bow to the bold ones in yellow with an orange bow.
  • XXL Bow: Those times when the bow of the ballerinas was just a tiny detail are gone. No more tiny bows that go completely unseen. Now the trend is XXL bows!

Bow flats shoes ballerinas

How to wear my bow flat shoes?

It all depends on how much or how little you want to risk. If you want a safe or more classic look, go for a neutral color ballet shoes, like beige with an earth tone bow, and wear them with a pair of jeans and a beige blouse, of the same color as the ballerinas.

How to choose my ballet flats shoes for women

Wanna go a step further? Then try something that combines the three trends mentioned before: Combination of colors, textures and a XXL bow. You can also go for bold colors, from warm like fuchsia to cold colors like green or electric blue, and grey for the night.

You can find a large number of bow ballet flats in Balletinas:

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