Tricks to widen ballerinas

Every feet is a different world. That’s why there are girls to whom a size 39 ballet flats perfectly fits, but for whatever the reason is, they can be too narrow for other ones.

To solve this problem, from Balletinas we want to give you a couple of tips that can be really helpful when trying to widen or enlarge a pair or too narrow ballerinas. But, first we would like to make sure that these tricks are not magic to widen a pair that are too narrow, they simply help to widen a little bit, just enough to make sure the feet are not too tight and uncomfortable inside the flats.

Homemade tricks to widen ballet flats

The easiest way to widen a little bit your ballet flats is filling up half of a small bag with water and then close it. It is of extreme importance to make sure that there are no holes or no leaking on the bag, because in that case, the material of the ballerinas could be damaged. Then, put the bag in the area of the ballerinas you want to widen or enlarge, and keep them in the freezer for a couple of hours. You’ll see they fit much better afterwards!

Another very easy and 100% homemade way to widen a little bit a pair of flats that are too tight is using a bit of body cream and put it on the inside of the ballerinas. Then, put a newspaper paper bag inside the ballerinas, making sure you push it well. This way in a couple of days the ballerinas will be a bit wider and they will perfectly fit you.

Important choosing the right size

When buying ballerinas is totally crucial that you make sure the size you are choosing is the right one. For the feet is as bad wearing a shoe that is too small or too big. You have to remember that often shoes don’t feel the same and are not the same from one size to the other. In the case of the ballerinas you can solve it using half sole in the toe area of the flat that is a bit bigger.

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