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Trendy colors for summer 2016

We are already in the summer! If you don’t want to miss the trendy colors of this season, in Balletinas we made a compilation of all the colors that are hot right now. One thing that has caught our eye is that tones from both extremes from the chromatic palet are trendy, from soft tones like Rose Quartz or Serenity Blue to much stronger and brighter ones like Lemon Yellow.

Rose Quartz

It’s the softest color of all the trendy ones of this summer. Chosen along with Serenity Blue one of the top colors of 2016. Is a tone that transmits a lot of calm and tenderness. When having to combine it there are two main options.

If you want to achieve a ladylike look, that has a romantic vibe, you can try Rose Quartz ballet flats and clothes in neutral tones like white or beige. If you want a more versatile look, wear your Rose Quartz ballerinas with clothes in strong colors like apple green. The color contrast will look great.


Lemon Yellow

This tone is a contrast with the calm and soft feeling of the trendy colors of the summer. A bright and energetic color that like the sunlight it makes us awake.

Like it happens with Rose Quartz, you can try for lemon yellow ballerinas and play with the clothes to achieve different looks. In this scenario, is best to avoid the outfit being too over the top and it’s better if you wear clothes in neutral or soft tones.

Snorkel Blue

A blue tone inspired by the sea. It’s quite similar to navy blue, but with an energetic and good vibe feeling that we love. Also, one of the greatest advantages and what makes it a favourite for many women, is that you can wear it with everything.From pastel tone colors like Rose Quartz or serenity blue to bright colors like lemon yellow or apple green.

A pair or Snorkel blue ballerinas are a must in your closet this summer because you will be able to create looks for all kinds of occasions.

In Balletinas you can find a large catalogue of ballerinas from the spring-summer season. They are exclusive designs handmade in Alicante:


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