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How to choose the rigth ballerinas size

Choosing the right size of ballerinas is essential to make you feel comfortable with the shoe, and most importantly, to prevent from hurting your feet. Today, from Balletinas we’ll give you some tips to make sure you choose the right ballet flats size.

Take into consideration the differences between shoes

You always  have to remember that every pair of shoes is going to be different from another one. The size of ballerinas differs from one brand to the other, and also depends on the country of production. Balletinas produces their ballerinas in Spain and we use the international sizing as reference.

Measure your feet

Usually, we recommend that you measure your feet twice a year, to check if your measurements have changed or not; mostly if there are weight changes, feet can become wider or narrower. Always measure the foot that’s bigger than the other one, if not you will not choose the right size and you will end up choosing a pair of flats that will cause pain and irritation to your feet.

To measure the feet correctly, the system is very easy. You only have to put your foot next to the wall, and with the help of a book, mark the point the foot reaches. Then, measure the distance. It’s very important that if you are going to wear ballerinas with tights, to take this measure with them on and distribute the weight of the body between both feet.

Once measured multiply the result by 1,5. For example, if your foot measures 26cm, your size is a 39 (26 x 1,5 = 39).

Say no to tight shoes!

Shoes can never be too tight. Ballerinas must have a little space on the fingertips, around one and half centimeters. This way you can avoid blood circulation problems on the long term, also problems in the articulations or even deformations.

In Balletinas you can find a large catalogue of ballerinas both from the Autumn-Winter season as well from the Spring-Summer. They are ballet flats from exclusive designs and handmade in Alicante with natural materials. You can check our catalogue in our online shop:

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