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Fashion tips for tall women

Are you taller than one meter seventy? Then these fashion tips will be very helpful for you. There are very simple tips that will help you to equilibrate your height, giving volume and some wideness to your silhouette. Take notes!


The best and funniest is playing with different colors in your looks; but, to try to conceal the height, the best is that you go for light tones in the upper part and dark colors in trousers and skirts. But, most of all, remember: no to a total look! Dressing entirely of one color creates a visual image of being much much taller.


Prints can become your best friend to conceal your height. If you don’t want to look too tall, the best prints are the wide ones. You can try with horizontal stripes in dark tones, that by the way, there are totally on trend this summer.

Loose clothes

This season you can be happy! Loose clothes have become of the must from the 2016 summer. Palazzo trousers and culottes are one of the items that every fashion house has. Clothes that look simply stunning on tall women.


Even if many times we don’t take it into consideration, the truth is that the neck of a T-shirt or a blouse really helps to define your silhouette. If you are tall, try to avoid V neck plunge as much as possible. It’s best if you go for looks with boat neck or crew neck. Shirts and blouses with bare shoulders are a trend this season and they could be a good idea for a look that helps to maximize your figure.


Shoes are a key element in every look. Even if the clothes look wonderful on us, if the shoes are not the right ones the whole outfit will be dragged down and end up being a disaster. Considering you are tall, high heel shoes are not really needed for you, so you can skip them and instead use flat shoes like ballet flats. To conceal that height feeling, colored ballerinas or with prints are a good idea.

In Balletinas you can find a large catalogue of ballerinas from the spring-summer season. They are flat shoes of exclusive design handmade in Alicante.

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