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Best tricks to prevent ballet flats from becoming the worst of your enemies

Best tricks to prevent ballet flats from becoming the worst of your enemies

With summer almost here it’s time to renew your closet with summer clothes, shoes and accessories. This spring ballerinas have been one of the most used shoes and we’ve seen many celebrities wearing them, even on the red carpet. If you also surrendered for ballet shoes in Balletinas we made a compilation with the best tricks to prevent ballet flats from becoming the worst of your enemies.


It’s the most important advice of all, so it’s essential that you pay attention to this. If you buy a pair of ballet shoes one or two sizes bigger than your own size, the friction will end up damaging your skin. On the other side, if they are smaller than your usual size they rub the feet and cause pain, sometimes unbearable. On our website you can find a size guide based on your feet measures. We recommend you to measure them at the end of the day because it’s then when they are more swollen.

Nail polish

Even if you bought the right size of ballet shoes you still got a blister, you could use transparent nail polish to cover it. But careful! Only if the blister is a small one, otherwise don’t use this trick.


Right now on the market one can find some sort of mesh/stocking for the feet that can be used as a sock only to wear with ballet flats, so that way they cannot be seen. If you are going to use them, when buying ballerinas be careful with the measurements and take this into account because the seams should not be too thick so you can still move the feet easily. Also, materials like cotton are much better because synthetic materials can make the feet sweat.


Using flat shoes that allow the feet to breathe is essential to prevent any kind of problem or injury. In Balletinas we make all of our ballerinas with 100% natural materials that allow the feet to breathe with total freedom. Also, to prevent sweating and smell there are sprays and powders (like talcum powder) that work perfectly.

In Balletinas you can find a large selection of ballerinas of all styles and colors. The designs are exclusive from our brand and the flats are handmade with natural material of the highest quality. You can find all of our models on our

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