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Ballerinas are the most famous shoes this Spring

There’s no doubt about saying that shoes are a key accessory to give the final touch to any look. Not even the best clothes perfectly combined would look the same if the shoes are not right. And celebrities know that very well. So, they don’t only show us their love for high heels on the red carpet, once in awhile they let us see their more comfortable side during their daily life.

Now with the arrival of the good weather, ballet flats are one of the favourite shoes of celebrities when they go out, or they go shopping. Clearly a wonderful choice to go with every look both day and night: Comfortable yet without losing a single bit of style.

Even if time passes, flat shoes are a style of shoes that never goes out of trend, like other shoes as nautical shoes or loafers, which are all over the streets of the world this spring.

One of the celebrities who has been showing her ballet shoes this spring a lot is Taylor Swift. It was not long ago when the American singer would always wear high heels, even for her daily looks, but, since some seasons now it seems that the young singer has chosen to use them only in special occasions and go for flat shoes during her daily looks.

Maybe one of the reasons that made her choose ballerinas this spring is that they are not only a trendy shoe, but also allows all kind of combinations; from the most casual and sporty looks to other ones much more sophisticated and elegant. Also, we all know the great style Taylor has with her looks, so the ballerinas look great and they take the spotlight of her looks.

In Balletinas you can find a large catalogue of ballet shoes of the Spring-Summer season. They are shoes of exclusive design handmade in Alicante.

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