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How to clean Ballerinas

Suede ballerinas are a classic and recurring option for those who want to walk in a comfortable and elegant way. Although it is not the most complicated material to clean, it is advisable to follow a few steps that will help us to keep our shoes beautiful and in the best condition. Today, from Balletinas we’ll explain how to do it:

  • Dust and dirt: To remove the dust and the dirt that accumulates in suede ballerinas, it is recommendable to use frequently a clean toothbrush with soft bristles, that way the material is not damaged. The key is doing it always in the same direction, so that way you can remove any remaining traces.
  • Stains: For removing stains from suede ballerinas, pencil erasers, like the ones we used in school are the best option. They are very useful for this material, as again they don’t damage it
  • Grease stains: If the stains in your ballerinas are grease stains, one could brush the area where the stain is very softly and gently with a toothbrush soaked with water and ammonia. It’s important to clear up the area, in order to avoid getting the area more dirt. If the stain is recent, from Ballerinas we recommend you to cover the spot with talcum powder, let it dry and afterwards continue with the previous procedure.
  • Surface: To clean the surface of the suede ballerinas, one can use a slightly dampened cloth, but it’s important that the cloth is clean, so we don’t get our shoes dirty.

Maintaining the appearance of the ballerinas is very easy. Once in a while, give them an indirect steam bath. For that, one need a pot of hot water, and then put the ballerinas upon it, so they get covered by the steam, but be careful that they don’t get wet. What we need is them to be covered by the steam. After we make sure they’ve been exposed to enough steam, let them dry and then brush them.

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