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5 tips about how not dress for a wedding

Summer arrives, the time of the year where more weddings are held. If you are also invited to one, and you don’t want to make any mistake, we bring you several tips to take into consideration to be the perfect guest.

No to white tones!

During a wedding, white is a color that is used only by the bride, unless the dress-code says other thing, so it’s better that you forget about light pastel tones like Rose Quartz or lavender, because in many pictures they can seem to be white.

No to black!

The same way white is forbidden, black is a color that is totally forbidden during weddings, not even at night. It’s true that it’s a color that works very well and makes a body look very stylized and defined, but you can try other dark colors that are not black like purple or navy blue.

No to costumes!

It’s a wedding, not a costume party. Ruffles, volumes, lace, sequins, embroidery details, asymmetrical cuts… No to everything on one dress! The key to make the right choice with a dress for a wedding is minimalist: remember less is more.

Not going over the top!

If it’s a religious ceremony, forget your deep plunge dresses or very short skirts. Choose a dress or an outfit that is not too sexy or too revealing.

Be careful with the shoes!

It’s of extreme importance that you adapt yourself to the place where the ceremony is going to be hold. The place is always indicated on the invitation card, so you will not have any problems with that. If the wedding is going to be held on the beach or on the countryside, say no to high heel shoes. Ballerinas are totally accepted in ceremonies, so they can be a good idea to be elegant yet comfortable.

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