Balletinas, your best option to buy flat shoes

Balletinas, your best option to buy flat shoes

During the last years there has been a great rise in the use of ballerinas as a shoe that can be worn all year, during the autumn-winter season and also during the spring-summer one. Why? Because it’s a shoe that can be done with many different materials, like skin or suede for the cold winters and mesh for the warm months.

Also, the large number of styles of flat shoes one can find on the market has made these shoes a very versatile option that can be worn both day and night. Why are there more and more women obsessed with ballet flats?


Without any doubt, one of the main benefits ballet shoes offer and that has made many women to use them is comfort. They are much more practical and sensible than impossible high heels. Also, in Balletinas we make all of our ballerinas with 100% natural materials like leather or skin, never synthetic materials, that way our ballerinas never break and they adapt to the shape of the feet.


Also, flat shoes can be a great alternative to the women that want to look elegant but don’t want, or they can’t, wear high heels. Ballerinas have become a great alternative: a flat shoe, comfortable and very elegant.


In the market we can find hundreds of ballet shoes models made for all kinds of looks and occasions. Casual flat shoes with bold prints or with plain colors are a great option for the daily shoewear for every women. Also formal ballet shoes in metallic tones with precious stones details or sparkling glass that are created to be the perfect shoe for a gala or any night event.

In Balletinas you can find a great catalogue of ballet flats both from the autumn-winter season and from the spring-summer one. They are ballerinas of exclusive designs handmade in Alicante. Also, we have premiered a new selling model, OneWEEK; every week we will release a new model of flat shoes that will only be available for 7 days. You can check our catalogue in our online store:

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