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Tips to recognize your leather made ballet shoes

Tips to recognize your skin made ballet shoes

In Balletinas we make our ballerinas with 100% natural leather, something that it’s much better for the feet than synthetic skin. There are some tips that one has to take into consideration to recognize if a pair of flat shoes is leather made or not. Here come some of the most important ones:

The first difference between the two materials is the texture. Natural leather like the one we use is soft and flat, while synthetic leather ballet shoes are very hard. Also, if you scratch natural leather, this goes back to the original state, something that does not happen with synthetic materials. Also, natural leather has a warm feeling when you touch it, while synthetic has a cold plastic feeling.

All this without mentioning that natural leather ballerinas are much more elastic, so they perfectly adapt to the shape of your feet. Also, in the synthetic flat shoes some wrinkles begin to appear on the tip of the shoe with time because of the movement when walking, and that does not happen on natural leather ones.

Also we can difference them because of the smell. We all know how real leather smells, something that cannot be said for synthetic.

Contrary to the ballerinas made with synthetic leather, natural leather can be worn all year long. Ballerinas made with artificial materials don’t allow the feet to breathe, so during the summer is a torture to wear them because the feet sweat, making walking very uncomfortable. The same during the winter, we already said that skin made flats bring more warmth to the feet, a great tip to wear them even during the coldest days.

If you want to buy trendy ballet shoes, in Balletinas we have a large number of ballet flats in all kinds of styles. They are exclusive designs of our own brand and made in our atelier in Alicante with lots of care and love for you. Also, since February we have introduced a new selling system: OneWeek. Each week we bring a new model for sale, but that model will only be available for seven days in our store:


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