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Tips to avoid blisters and chafing with your flats

When you first use a new pair of ballet flats, if your feet are very sensitive sometimes is inevitable that blisters and chafing appears. In Balletinas we make our ballerinas with natural materials such as skin or suede, these materials take care of the feet and blisters and chafing are much less frequent. But anyway, we want to give some easy tips to prevent this from happening.

Even if it seems very logic, it’s very important that you choose the right size of flats, this means that your toes should never touch the tip of the shoe. Also, when you are about to wear them use a bit of hydrating cream in the edges and seams of the ballerinas, mostly with skin that it’s a much harder material. With the cream the ballerinas will be softer and they will adapt better to your feet,

If when buying ballerinas they are a bit tight, don’t worry! There’s a solution. The first thing to do is fill up half of one of those bags to freeze food with water and close it very well and carefully. Then, we put the ballerinas inside and we put them in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Doing this, we manage to make the ballerinas more malleable and that way they perfectly adapt to the shape of the feet. But we don’t recommend you to do this with suede ballerinas because the humidity can damage them.

One of the best tricks is to buy in the pharmacy or the drugstore a protective cream. These kinds of creams create a second skin effect and they prevent the blisters and chafing. Also, there are pinkies for ballerinas that have a quilted effect in the areas with the highest overload; that way they protect the feet from blisters and chafing and also they absorb the humidity and sweat.

In Balletinas we have a large number of ballerinas in all kinds of styles and colors, for all kinds of women. The designs we make are exclusive of our own brand and we handmade all the ballerinas with top quality materials. Also, we have our new selling system on the way, OneWeek, which means that every week we put a new model of ballerinas for sale, but that model will only be available for seven days.

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