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Trendy balleflats for Spring-Summer 2016

Trendy ballet flats for Spring-Sumer 2016

The next spring-summer 2016 season the retro look will be a huge trend both in shoes and clothes; so also with ballerinas. This means that many new models are inspired by artisanal handmade style and patchwork; an ancient technique of mixing different fabrics with prints or different textures making a very creative and eye catching composition.

Trendy Fabrics for Spring Summer 2016

We can find a lot of patchwork flat shoes in the new spring-summer 2016 collections of many of the big names of fashion houses. From some more discrete models that mix different fabrics with the same print and a plain color; to the much more striking looks that mix a bunch of different prints that in theory don’t really match: Navy, military, floral, boho… Impossible mixtures!

Referring to the 70’s aesthetic, suede and velvet are going to be the star fabrics for the spring-summer 2016 season. In Ballerinas we can find them in sand tones like beige or off white. We leave the 70’s behind and we jump to the 80’s with mesh ballet flats, perfect for a comfortable and urban look. It is crucial to choose the right clothes and accessories to wear with this mesh flat shoes to not make this trendy show look cheap or tacky.

Trendy ballet flats for Spring-Sumer 2016

Trend colors for Spring Summer 2016

Now it’s time to speak about the colors. The newest trends bring us some extremes from the chromatic pallet. We can find very relaxed and soft tones like Rose Quartz or Serenity Blue, two of the colors of 2016 for Pantone. On the other side, bright and striking colors to celebrate the good weather like lemon yellow or bright orange.

The idea is to combine them together to create a balanced look; for example, lemon yellow ballet shoes with a serenity blue dress or rose quartz ballerinas with a bright orange jumpsuit. Many interesting combinations can be created for this spring-summer 2016 season.

If you want to buy all the trendy ballet shoes, in Balletinas we have a large number of ballet shoes in every style for the next spring-summer 2016 season. They are exclusive designs of our brand and are made in our atelier in Alicante with lots of love and care for all of you.

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