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How to choose ballet flats based on your skin tone

How to choose ballet flats based on your skin tone

When buying a pair of ballerinas, one has to take into consideration many things, and one of them is your skin color. Not all of them flatter the same way, there are some colors that can be extremely unflattering for you. Usually we can distinguish between three skin tones: light/pale skin, intermediate skin and dark skin.

Pale or light skin

For those who have a pale skin, the basic tones like black, grey, white, beige, navy blue, red; or even tones like golden and silver that have been trend for the last seasons are flattering. All the primary colors match very well with pale skin.

The most important thing is to avoid very flashy or sparkling tones because they make the skin look paler so it can end up looking very dark and lacking light and brightness.

Intermediate skin

This is the skin tone that can be flattered by the biggest number of colors. The women with this skin color can try ballet flats in basic colors, and also add colors like beige or light blue.

We recommend to avoid pastel tones like rose quartz and serenity blue, because these colors don’t flatter the women with this skin tone.

Dark Skin

The goal here is to choose colors that make the skin stand out because the contrast looks great and is very flattering. Ballet shoes in colors like white, warm tones like yellow, fuchsia or green, are great options.

Our advice is to avoid wearing ocher tones, terracotta, military green, olive and pastel tones because these colors are often unflattering in women with dark skin.

These are our recommendations for when choosing ballet flats. Often the skin color is not taking into consideration when buying ballerinas, when it’s something of a huge importance, because depending on this, the look can be very flattering or in the contrary end up being a big mess.

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