What your shoes say about your personality

What your shoes say about your personality

What’s your favorite type of shoewear? Boots, high heels, flat shoes, sneakers, sandals, brogues, ballet flats…? A research done by Omri Gillath, a Psychology professor at the University of Kansas, which was published in the Journal of Reasearch Personality magazine, reveals that the type of shoe you use can define till the 90% of your personality and economic situation.

These are some of the results from the research:

  • Usually, the most extrovert people choose bright colored shoes. Also, these type of people are more detailed than the rest, because they go for shoes that even if they are not new, they are always in a perfect state.
  • People who like booties have some aggressive feature in their personalities. And speaking of boots, the study reveals that the women who love these shoe wear are sociable, love travelling and very sexy.
  • Women who choose stilettos and high heel shoes love to be the center of attention.
  • All those women who choose ballerinas as their shoe choice for their daily life they have a personality where comfort is the most important thing. Also, they are productive and extrovert.
  • All those who have more liberal thinking have a tendency to wear less expensive shoes and also a bit more disheveled.

Fashion designer Elisa Moratón, explains that during her beginnings her shoes were designed to be exclusively comfortable and something practical. However, with the years many new models have been added to the point that now they are some kind of cult following object.

One of the most interesting suggestions for women that the designer mentions, are the leather ballet flats with metallic details in gold or with a print. Also, she adds that ballerinas have become a shoe that more and more women choose for their night events. When asked about the materials, she explains that, depending on the season, the best choices are satin, leather or lace.

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