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5 Fashion movies you can't miss

In the history of cinema there are several movies an it-girl cannot miss. Today, from Balletinas we have compiled some of the most emblematic ones that are totally worth watching. Movies that left a mark in the cinema and in the fashion industry.

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Trendy colors for summer 2016

We are already in the summer! If you don’t want to miss the trendy colors of this season, in Balletinas we made a compilation of all the colors that are hot right now. One thing that has caught our eye is that tones from both extremes from the chromatic palet are trendy, from soft tones like Rose Quartz or Serenity Blue to much stronger and brighter ones like Lemon Yellow.

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Ballet flats, the best option for your feet

During the last years there has been a great rise in the use of ballerinas because it’s a shoe that can be done with many different materials, like skin or suede for the cold winters and mesh for the warm months. In Balletinas we make our ballerinas with 100% natural skin, something that it’s much better for the feet than synthetic skin.

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