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Yellow Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Yellow is a striking color, with lots of personality, and also very original and funny. There’s nothing better than some yellow ballet flats to show this color which never goes out of fashion. Today in Balletinas will give you some tips so you can wear this color the best way.

Yellow ballet flats

How to wear them?

  • Black: Yellow is a color that matches very well with black, not only in plain clothes, but also with prints. Black will make the yellow pop, and it’s always a safe option that goes with everything. One can wear yellow flats with an all black look, and the results can be wonderful. For example, one can wear a black jumpsuit and yellow ballet flats, as well as other accessories.
  • White: Other color that matches very well with yellow ballet pumps is white. Both for a working look, with an always elegant and timeless white suit or with a sexier look to go out at night. This combination assures an elegant, modern and sexy combination.
  • Denim: The safest option to wear yellow ballet flats is denim, which matches perfectly with them for a casual daily look. The yellow gives a sparkling touch to a simple look.
  • Several colors: If you want to go for a risky look, you can try to wear your yellow ballerina flats with clothes in other bright and daring colors; from original and striking prints, to plain clothes in bright colors. If you want to achieve a striking look you can try to add some pink, orange or turquoise detail to the look. Original outfits with your yellow ballet flats are trendier than ever!

 There’s one thing we have to consider, and it’s that yellow is a very intense and striking color, so from Balletinas we recommend you to use it carefully, just a little pop of color to the look, because if you abuse of this color the look can end up being the opposite of what you wanted to achieve.

Ballerina yellow shoes

Myths about yellow color

For a very long time, the fashion world has always have this debate about the yellow color.

Only for the day?

 On one hand, there’s always been an unwritten law saying that yellow ballerina flats are shoe only for the daytime, and completely forbidden for night events. That could not be more wrong! We’ve seen stars like Elena Anaya, Elle Fanning or Elizabeth Olsen wearing yellow looks for night events, proving that yellow can work just as well for day and night.

Only for spring and summer?

 The other debate is that for a long time many people have stated that yellow is a color only for spring and summer, for those sunny days, but again, that could not be more wrong! You can wear yellow ballet flats all year long, indeed one can say that they work much better during the grey dark days of the autumn and winter, giving a lot of light, color and fun to your looks.

Yellow ballerina

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  • Graciela

    Me encanta el color amarillo. Al igual que ustedes, pienso que es un color muy atractivo y se puede usar todo los meses del año! Ara mi no hay color de moda, la moda la impongo yo! :-)

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