White Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Right now, White is the color of the moment, we could even say it has become the new black. In fact, it’s been the protagonist of the runaways of the whole world for several seasons already.

Celebrities and bloggers show every day the infinite number of possible combinations White offers, not only in clothes, but also for shoes or accessories. Olivia Palermo could be one of the most famous examples, as she usually wears white, but always true to her elegant and ladylike style. Rita Ora or Rihanna are addicts to total white looks, that wear both for the daily looks or for the biggest events, where they show this looks in the red carpet.

White ballet flats

How to wear White ballet flats?

If you also want to wear this white ballerina pumps trend, here from Balletinas we will give you some tips, so that way you can wear your white ballerinas in the best possible way. The first thing one has to take into consideration is the kind of look you want to achieve. For a pretty and girly look, wearing the white ballet shoes with clothes in soft tones like beige or pink. If you want to look like the it girls, white ballerinas worn with golden or silver accessories creates the perfect look. And for a rocker look, one can wear white ballet flat shoes with Fluor colored clothes and black accessories.

3 things you will only achieve with your White ballet shoes 

white flat shoes

  • Transmit cheerfulness: White is the perfect color to show a more natural, fresh and cheerful side of yourself.
  • Elegance: Who said that the only elegant color is black? Wear white ballet pumps both for the day and for the night parties!
  • Femininity: White is a very delicate color. So wearing white ballet flats will make your looks very refined and classy.

Tips to be considered when wearing White ballerinas

  • When wearing white ballet shoes, you can also go for white accessories or makeup, as this will help to create a more luminous look.
  • One of the biggest advantages or white ballet shoes is that they match with everything, so you can be as imaginative as you want and play with your look and create an infinite number of combinations.
  • We, in Balletinas, strongly believe that white ballet pumps are a very versatile shoe that can be used for all kinds of situations all over the year. There’s only one exception: A wedding. That day, the only one wearing both clothes and shoes in that color should be the bride.

White ballet flats

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