Turquoise Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

turquoise ballet flat

Turquoise is a color that never goes out of trend. It is usually associated with the refreshing and relaxing ocean, so it’s a color that usually has a relaxing effect on people. One of the biggest advantages of turquoise in fashion is that offers a big number of tones; from the mint color to the strongest and more striking blue of the color pallet.

During the last seasons, most of the designers have dedicated part of their shows to turquoise. There are some notorious cases. We have the example of designer Óscar de la Renta, who in his last season’s chose this color. Or Gucci, which showed a much more vibrant collection in turquoise color.

Where does turquoise come from?

The word comes from the ancient term “turkes”, a reference to the gem arriving to Europe from Turkestan or other country part of the Turkish Empire. This gem was famous for its light green color and a brilliant texture.

In some cultures, this rock is considered to be sacred, as it’s believed that it brings fortune or it’s used as a lucky charm.

tuquoise ballet flat shoes

How to wear turquoise ballet flats?

If we speak about shoes, turquoise ballet shoes have become a must-have for all the fashionistas and celebrities all over the world, for many reasons, but there are three main reasons.

First of all, turquoise flat shoes look good with all kind of skin colors, from the pale delicate skin, to the darker or more sunbathed tones. That’s something very few colors have, as for example white is a color that just looks good on darker skin colors, and black looks better in pale skin.

Other reason is, that till some years ago, turquoise ballet flats were only a summer shoe, but luckily, today is a shoe that one can wear also in winter, as it’s a very good element to bring light to the looks during the grey winter days.

And last but not least, because if you wear this color with different clothes and accessories you can make your turquoise ballet shoes look like you want. For a more daring look, wearing turquoise flats with colors like black is a wonderful combination, because it also has an elegant vibe. For a more relaxed look wear it with white or nude tones. And if what you are looking is a more spectacular result, you can wear your turquoise ballet shoes with clothes in the same color, but we advise you to wear different tones, so the look is more equilibrated and has some depth.

turquoise flat shoes

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