Taupe Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Tired of wearing ballerinas in the same classic colors such as red, blue or black? From Balletinas we have a suggestion for you: Taupe. This color will help you to make a difference. Taupe is without a doubt a color that gets called a lot of different names: grayish brown, brownish gray..

Taupe ballet flats shoes

Why choose taupe ballet flats?

First of all because it’s a color that never goes out of trend, and you can wear it all year long, no matter what season is. Also, in summer, if you want to highlight your suntan, or hide some little imperfection from your silhouette, try taupe.

Also, taupe flats are famous for being a very versatile shoe, and one can think of an almost infinite number of combinations. Being a neutral color you can either wear it with striking bold colors, or with other neutral tones. One of the biggest advantages of taupe flat shoes is that the chances of making the wrong combination with clothes and other accessories is much lower than with other bright colors.

taupe ballerina shoes

For a daytime look you can wear your taupe flat shoes with plain clothes in colors like sand/earthy tones for a more casual look. You can also try with prints like the military print or the animal print as well; taupe flats are the perfect shoe to give your look a more relaxed vibe to a fully printed look. 

For the night have fun and wear your taupe ballet flat shoes with golden accessories, or other metallic tones, or even with wooden accessories for a more sophisticated and modern look. Without any doubt you will make a difference at your night events wearing taupe flats. 

Taupe ballet shoes, a must-have for celebrities

Celebrities could not resist the many charms of taupe flats and they all jumped on this trend. One of the most famous examples is Olivia Palermo, who became famous after her role in “The City”, and in her last appearances she choose taupe for her shoes, worn with clothes in earthy tones and adding some golden details, showing a perfect combination. Another example is Whitney Port, who has been seen with taupe flat shoes, and she loves the color so much that we can see her with a whole taupe look. Even Rachel McAdams wore a full taupe look during the “Sleeping Beauty” première during the 64th Cannes Film Festival. 

taupe flats shoes

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