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Purple Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

For some seasons now, violet is the favorite color of designers like Etro, Prada or Blumarine, especially for their autumn-winter collections, but we have also seen the color for the spring-summer collections. Once, Wallis Simpson said that she would not know how to dress most of the times if she would not have this color.

Purple violet ballet flats shoes

Today, it’s a color that it’s associated with the luxury and exclusive world.

Violet is a very intense and feminine color, that also goes well with every kind of skin color, from the paler ones to the more tanned. For the pale skin tones we recommend to use darker violet tones, to create a soft and warm effect, and for the darker skin colors we recommend to wear lighter violet tones to create light. Also, it’s a color that you can wear in all kind of events, from the most casual ones to the formal ones, and it’s very easy to combine. We’ll give you some tips of how to do it!

How to wear purple ballet flats ballerinas

How to wear purple ballet shoes?

You can choose to wear colors from the same chromatic gamma like mauve and aubergine. It’s one of the safest options, because the color that best matches purple it’s the color itself. But, it’s worth it to be careful when choosing the clothes to match your purple ballet flats, because you have to keep in mind to create harmony.

To create a more serious and elegant image, ideal for formal occasions, you can wear your purple ballet shoes with clothes and accessories in black and white. One idea is to wear trousers with vertical stripes in black and white, add a white or black blouse and then add the color touch to the look with the purple flats.

Purple flats shoes ballerinas

If you want to take a risk, you can go for more complicated combinations with colors like blue or green. You can wear your purple ballerinas with a green dress. Be bold, but be careful as well, because you can end up with a terrible combination.

A very summery combinations, and that looks great, it’s wearing your purple ballet shoes with clothes and accessories in yellow. You can use both colors for contrast but they also can be used for equilibrium, the key is to use your imagination.

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