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Pink Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

It was not long ago when pink was considered cheesy and was reserved only for little girls dresses. But this color has gone through a huge transformation during the last seasons, going from cheesy to irresistible and even chic or fashion. If you also want to jump on this fashion you can start with a pair of pink ballet shoes. Here come some tips to wear this color with elegance and sophistication.

Pink ballet flat shoes

A tip to take into consideration when choosing pink ballet flats is your skin tone. Even if this is a color that goes well with every type of skin, it is important to be careful with the tone of pink you choose. The darker your skin tone is you have to choose lighter pink ballet shoes tones, because they will bring light to your skin.

How to wear pink ballerinas?

The colors that match best with pink are white, green, blue, grey and some earth tones like beige. Warm colors like red and yellow are totally forbidden, because as they are from a similar chromatic gamma, they don’t go well with pink flats.

How to wear pink ballet flats

How much pink do you want in your look?

The options are almost infinite, it all depends from the look you want to achieve.

If you want to wear the color of the moment, but without excess, you can go for a pair of pink ballet flats and a bag in the same tone. The key is that this color cannot occupy more than the 25% of the look. It has to serve to add a little touches of color to the look. For a casual look you can go for a pair of pink flats, jeans, a white blouse and a pink maxi bag.

Pink ballet flat shoes ballerinas

If you want pink to have a more protagonist role in your look, you can go for a look where 50% of the elements are pink. That the look might end up being cheesy it only depends on you. If you want to wear a pink top, then we recommend you to wear with some edgy clothes to reduce the cheesy factor, or the other way around, an edgy clothes and then some pink to reduce the edginess. That way you can wear pink ballet shoes with ripped jeans and a pink blouse. In this case the bag can be in another color that matches, like beige.

Why not a total pink look? There are many celebrities that have already dared to wear it like Miranda Kerr of Jennifer Lopez. It’s perfect for the bold women. Again, it depends on you: you can wear a pair of pink ballerinas and dress in the same tone, or if you want, in a different tone, to create a bit of contrast..

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