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Orange Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

One of the latest trends in fashion is orange color. Either in clothes, accessories or even shoes. It’s true that orange is not an easy color to wear and combine, and not everyone likes it. But, orange is a color that works all year long, not only in spring and summer, also the rest of the year, because it’s a cheerful and vital color. This last season many celebrities have worn orange color and made it a must in their closets. Who? Celebs like Olivia Palermo, Maria Valverde or Manuela Vellés.

Orange ballet flat shoes

How to wear orange ballet flats?

The colors that best work with orange are white, blue, black and some purple and violet tones. One can also wear it with some earth tones, but one has to be more careful with this combination.

We recommend you to wear orange ballet shoes with the so called cold colors like blue or grey. It’s not very common to wear orange ballerinas with clothes or accessories that include similar tones like red or pink. Of course if you want to combine these colors you can. A tip? Wear your orange ballet flats with trousers with a pink stripe. For the upper part of the look wear a black shirt or blouse, so the look is not too much. The bag also in black, but in can also have some detail in orange or pink, but always in the same tone as the trousers or the ballerinas.

Black is without a doubt the most elegant color, and also, it matches very well with orange ballet shoes, especially because of the contrast between the two colors. White is also a color to be considered, but this combination is better suited for a more summery look.

Orange ballerina shoes

Why wear orange ballet shoes?

Because they offer an unlimited amount of advantages!

  • They are very versatile, so wearing them with different clothes and accessories they will ve a key element to every occasion, both day and night.
  • Because it’s a color that brings a lot of light and vitality to every look. Your orange ballet shoes are the key to achieve a relaxed yet original look.
  • Because orange is an energetic color, stimulating, that brings up creativity, boldness, adventure and enthusiasm.

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