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Nude Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Nude is a color that creates a lot of controversy between women all over the world. First, we are going to explain that nude, which when translated into Spanish means “naked”; is the skin color. For many women is not a very interesting color and that does not really match with anything, while for other women it’s wonderful color especially for special occasions, and that also has a modern flare. Independently of the different opinions, the reality is that many designers all over the world use nude as part of their collections, either spring or winter.

 Nude ballet flats shoes

How to combine your nude ballet shoes?

You have also surrender to the nude trend and bought a pair of nude ballerinas. But now the question raises, how to wear them? From Balletinas we give you some tips that we’re sure will help you.

The first thing is thinking about your skin tone. If you have a bronzed darker skin, or it’s summer and you have a good tan, the best option is to wear your nude ballet flats with clothes in earthy tones, the result will be amazing. If your skin is very pale, the best option is to wear nude with other colors like pink or blue. It creates a soft harmony.

Nude ballerina shoes

Either way, both for darker skin women or pale skin, there’s a perfect combination for your nude ballet shoes that never fails: Neutral and pastel tones clothes. They not only match perfectly, but they bring a flare of romanticism and sophistication to your look. For the accessories you can try to wear bags, clutches or wallets in nude, but always the same nude tone of the ballet flats, but try to find items that have buttons, studs or other metallic details.

And if what you want is be totally on trend with a total nude look. Wear your ballet flats with dresses in the same tones. In this case is very important that you pay attention to the type of fabric of the dress. Avoid very tight dresses because it will give the idea that it is a second skin, and that it’s not chic at all. The best is to try for something looser that will make the difference.

Why choose nude ballet shoes?

Because they have the great advantage of bringing a natural air to the look, as if you were barefoot. Combining them with the clothes we suggested previously you will achieve a natural elegance, very subtle. Also, they are very versatile. You can wear them for every occasion and every season of the year.

Nude ballet flats shoes

You can find a wide catalogue of nude ballet shoes in our catalogue:

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