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Navy blue Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Choosing navy blue ballet shoes is a guarantee of success. Why? Because this color offers so many advantages. First of all, it matches all kind of skin tones, from the darkest ones to the fair skins. For the pale skin it brings a luminous shine, and for the darker skin tones it brings a glamorous and sophisticated flare to their looks. Second, navy blue is an timeless color, so you can easily wear it during a cold day in winter or during the hot summer days. Last but not least, navy blue ballet flats are a very versatile shoe, that worn with different clothes and accessories, can be used for any occasion.

Navy blue ballet flats ballerina shoes

How to wear your navy blue flat shoes?

  • Brown: Brown tones match perfectly with navy blue ballet shoes, because they bring some contrast to this color. You can go for softer tones like beige if you are looking for a lighter look, or colder tones like leather color.
  • White: White is a wonderful color to wear with your navy blue ballet shoes. Combining both colors you will achieve a nautical look that never goes out of fashion. For the spring summer season, you can wear a striped navy-white T-shirt, a white trousers and navy blue ballet flats. For the autumn winter season, it’s better a more neutral look with a navy-white striped T-shirt, jeans and navy blue flat shoe. Victoria Beckham is addicted to this combination. More than once we’ve seen her wearing jeans with a navy-white striped jacket.
  • Yellow: Yellow is the opposite to blue in the color pallet, so if you are looking for a strong and lively contrast, wear your navy blue ballet shoes with this color. But remember, be careful and try to avoid shining yellow because it can be too striking and attention seeker, and even a bit cheesy.
  • Metallic colors: Try metallic colors like golden or bronze. They are a wonderful combination for a night look.

Navy blue flats for women

Some ideas to wear your navy blue flat shoes

  • Casual look: Sweater in navy blue with some print + jeans | Beige dress with a bow detail in navy blue in the waist
  • Working look: White blouse + jeans | Navy blue blouse + dark brown leather skirt
  • Night look: Silver jumpsuit | Black dress

Navy ballerina shoes

You can find a wide range of navy blue ballet shoes in our catalogue:

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