Multi colour Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Even if sometimes we give more importance to the clothes than to the shoes, one cannot forget how important shoes are for a look, they can either elevate it or destroy it. So we have to remember the importance it has for the final look. Imagine a simple basic look of jeans and a t-shirt. If you add a basic pair of ballerinas, the whole look is dull. But what if we add a pair of multicolored ballet flats? The whole look changes and we have a fun and full of vitality look.

Not so long ago the trend for multi color ballet flats was going for safe options, with colors that would match each other and would be easy to wear. Nowadays shoe brands all over the world create shoes that break the rules. For example mixing red and pink, an impossible combination for many years, because “they don’t match”, or multicolored ballerinas in blue and green or even red and orange. One can think of many other combinations, but all of them creating a bold look. It’s a daring option to make the shoes the key element of the whole look.

Multi colour ballet flats ballerina flats


Other trend that it’s strongly increasing it’s the transformation of the shoes for night events. For a long time we associate night events with high heel shoes in colors like black, red, blue or metallic colors. But, why not wear ballerinas? They bring the same elegance to a look, but they are much more comfortable. Today many shoe brands are creating their own multicolored ballet flats lines, but usually they stick to classic colors like blue, black or silver, but always with some extra detail that will transform them in a multicolor ballerina. Big bow detail in animal print at the toe, a 3D built rose that goes with many colors, a big multicolored buckle… The options are endless. But one thing is for sure, nobody will be unnoticed at a night event with multi color ballet flats!

Multi colour ballet flats

And if we speak about multicolored ballet flats, one cannot forget about prints. One of the most worn ones is the floral print, which has the big advantage of being timeless. One can wear it both in winter or summer. In terms of flower print multicolored ballerinas one can find a huge amount of models, from the more classic ones with a neutral color background like white with pink details, to the more daring and striking prints.

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