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Ivory Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Ivory is a color that creates a lot of confusion in the fashion world. It’s a white tone that we can locate between a cold tone like white diamond and some tones with a yellow base like white. That’s why we can describe ivory as a natural white with yellow touches. It is known because of the elephant’s tusks, of ivory color.

Ivory ballet flats shoes

In the fashion world if there’s a color that always is on trend it’s ivory. Until some years ago it was only for spring-summer collections, but nowadays designers all over the world use it as well for autumn-winter collections. With a pair of ivory ballet shoes you can achieve an harmonious look. Always in equilibrium and elegant. Wearing them with different clothes can achieve a stunning result.

How to wear my ivory ballet shoes?

As we said, ivory is a neutral color, so if you wear them with neutral colors you will achieve a very natural look. If you go for brown tones, the look will be fresh, natural and shining, while if you go dark brown tones, the look will get some depth. You can also go for grey tones, but we recommend you to go for clothes or accessories in grey with yellow tones, that way they complement the soft warm color of ivory.

Ivory ballet flats ballerinas shoes

For the summer if you want to achieve a beach look, a good idea is to match your ivory ballet flats with blue tones. You will get a tropical look, very attractive. You can create a nautical look If you wear ivory with darker blue tones like navy blue. For a more relaxed look go for grey blue tones, or sky blue tones.

Anyway, from Balletinas we recommend not to abuse of this colors. If you do it the whole look might be too impersonal or too monochromatic. Unlike blue or grey that with different tones allow you to create a total look, if you wear ivory ballet shoes, we advise you to only wear a bag in the same color. For the clothes try the colors we recommended you previously.

In Balletinas you can find a large number of ivory ballet shoes:

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