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Green Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

How many shades of green ballet shoes can we find? Olive green, mint green, emerald green, lime green… The list is very long. They all have their own differences, but all with some things in common: They bring inside calm, optimism, cheerfulness, freshness and stability.

Green flat shoes ballerina shoes

That’s why during the last seasons many designers have chosen this color for their collections. For example, Mulberry, the British brand uses this color to bring more sportive and casual looks for women; or Adolfo Domínguez, who created the ecologic line “Green Me”, with a large collection of clothes and shoes, all of them in green tones and made with fabrics that are not aggressive or damaging nature.

Also we have seen many celebrities that have jumped on the green bandwagon. The biggest fan of this color is Lady Gaga, which can be spotted wearing this color in many occasions, both dresses, trousers, blazers, green ballet shoes, accessories… even she dared to wear a total green look in the red carpet.

How to wear your green ballet shoes?

You could not either resist to the strength of this color and you ended up buying a pair of green ballet flats. But, how to wear them to create the maximum effect? We’ll give you some tips.

It’s true that green along with brown tones it’s one of the most difficult colors to combine, and it does not offer a lot of possibilities. That’s why it’s very important to be careful. Usually, green, like yellow, it’s a color that it’s used for accessories or a pair of green ballet shoes, but it’s not usually a uniform, or a suit or even a dress.

Green ballet flats shoes

Having said this, you can wear your green ballet flats with clothes in Brown tones, like earth color or beige. They can be worn with some cold colors like blue or grey, but not with all of them, only with some neutral tones. We’ve also seen that some designers dare to wear green ballerinas with clothes in some warm colors like pink or even red, but it’s not a very frequent combination.

For the night, try metallic tones like silver or golden; without any doubt you will achieve a striking night look.

What impression do I create with green ballet shoes?

Usually, green is a color that shows a conventional person, not to brash or striking, but if you go for the strong striking green tones, the effect can be the opposite: Be the center of attention. It’s not something we recommend as a work image, except some occasions, but very few ones.

For a night event, try with emerald green, because it’s a tone that expresses luxury and gives a royal flare.

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