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Coral Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Coral Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Coral color has become a must for many women because it’s a very feminine and sweet color, that also projects a lot of life and youth. Coral is a timeless color, you can wear it during the autumn and winter as well during the spring or the summer. If you want to add this color into your outfit, you can start with a pair of coral flats, the ideal accessory to achieve a look that combines elegance, sophistication with a lively colorful touch.

Many celebrities have jumped into this trend and have worn coral on the red carpet like Angelina Jolie or Eva Longoria. 

How to wear my coral ballerina flats? 

If you have decided for a pair of coral flat shoes, we have said that this color is timeless, but there are certain tips one has to take into consideration. The first one is that it can’t be combined with clothes in the same color during the spring-summer or even the autumn-winter season. During the cold months the best idea is to wear it with beige or grey tones, while during the summer worm months the coral flats look great with pink, orange or lilac clothes. 

Coral Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Also your coral flat shoes are a very versatile shoe, that you can wear in a huge number of occasions, from the most casual ones to the most formal event. You can wear them in so many ways! If you want to wear them with trousers, they look as well with a pair of jeans as with a more formal clamp trousers. They also look great with skirts and dresses, but always remembering the color combinations we’ve mentioned before. 

Some ideas to wear your coral flat shoes 

For a spring or summer day, there is an outfit that looks great and enhances the beauty of every women and powers the femininity. Wear you coral ballerina flats with a turquoise blue dress. 

For a autumn winter day, you must try your coral flats with a grey skirt and a white blouse. An elegant and sophisticated look with a lively touch thanks to the ballerinas. 

In Balletinas you can find a large number of coral ballerina flats in different styles and with different details. They are ballerinas with exclusive designs that are completely made in Alicante. You can find all of our coral flats in our Balletinas online store:


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