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Champagne Gold Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Champagne Gold Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

We have always linked golden color to luxury, elegance and glamour. It was not long ago when golden was only reserved for night events, they were few the women who dared to wear it during the daytime. But, for the last few seasons it has been the protagonist for many brands that now they try to add it as a daytime color, brands like Pink Magnolia, Michael Kors or Elie Saab.

Even if now golden color can be worn at any moment and occasion, one has to be careful with the different shades. For the daytime it’s better to go for tones like champagne while for the night, you can go for darker and more sober tones. 

3 Rules to wear your golden flats with style 

If you want to introduce golden into your outfits, the best way to do it is with gold ballet flats. They are the perfect touch to bring sophistication into any look! But remember, there are certain rules to take into consideration to prevent wearing gold ballet flat shoes like a disaster. 

  1. Unless you are an expert, we don’t recommend you to mix metals in the same outfit. It’s true that many celebrities have worn golden flats with silver trousers, but it’s something that takes time to be able to do in the right way, and lots of practice.
  2. No to a total golden look! There are few the people who can manage to make a total golden look work, because it’s a relatively complicated color to mix with accessories in the same tome. We recommend to keep the attention in only one item, for example gold ballet flats and keep the rest of the outfit in other colors.
  3. No to warm colors! Forget about wearing your gold ballet flat shoes with soft warm colors like yellow and blue. Remember that golden ballerinas are already striking enough, so the best idea is to choose clothes in neutral tones like black or beige. 

In Balletinas you can find a large number of gold flats in different styles and with different details. They are gold ballet flats designed and created in an artisanal way in Alicante, with lots of care. Also, all of our ballerinas are exclusive, we only sell 12 pairs for color and model. Exclusivity to your feet! 


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