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Brown Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Usually, brown is a color that we associate with autumn and winter. But, in fact, during the last seasons it has also been a trend during the sprint and summer. The most common thing is that when the good weather arrives we renew our closets with clothes and ballerinas in soft and warm colors like orange, green or fuchsia, among others. But this seem to be changing, and now during the spring and summer we can see shorts in earth tones, earth tones blouses, brown ballet shoes…

Brown ballet flats balerina shoes

But, how to wear my Brown ballerinas in the right way?

If you have jumped into this trend, it’s sure that you have many doubts about how to wear brown ballet flats the right way, and it’s ok, because brown is one of the most difficult colors to match with other. But don’t worry, we have some basic tips, and following them we’re sure it will be much easier for you.

How to wear brown ballet flats

Risks, as less as possible

If you don’t want to take a big risk, you can go for the safest option to match your brown ballet shoes: Wear matching tones of the same color. You can go for beige dress, golden jumpsuits… If you want to go one step further, the pink tones are also a good idea, but remember, always go for neutral tones like coral pink or pastel pink.

Of course you can also go for prints. One of the best options is the boho look, which by the way, is totally on trend for the last seasons. Wear a long boho dress with your brown flats and you will achieve a wonderful 70’s inspired look.

brown ballerina shoes for women

Maximum risk!

For the boldest ones, you can match your brown ballet shoes with some color like green, yellow or electric blue. Another option is going for prints like military print or even floral print. For some years now prints are a must in our closets, so if you want to get a hit look, we recommend them totally.

Basic rules to wear your brown flat shoes

  • Avoid using clothes that have two similar colors but of a different tones. For example, if you wear brown ballet flats and you want a neutral look, go for a pair of beige trouser and a white shirt. Don’t go for beige trousers and a brown shirt or T-Shirt. Never go for this kind of combinations.
  • Try to match your Brown ballet shoes with bag in the same color and tone.
  • Match your make-up with the clothes, accessories and brown ballerinas.

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