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Blue Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

For some seasons now blue color has become a must for every season of the year. Runaways all over the world have shown this vibrant color for some years now, and celebrities have jumped on the trend showing the color in dresses, jumpsuits and ballerinas.

Blue ballet flats ballereinas shoes

The truth is that blue has always been a color with two big limitations. The first one is that very often it has been relegated and considered only as a summer color. The second, is that being a striking color, in many occasions has been used only for special occasions. But, the perception of blue has given a 180º chance and now can be worn any moment of the year and to every occasion.

How to wear blue ballet flats shoes

How to wear my blue ballet flats?

Great. You have dared to introduce blue color in your closet with a pair of blue flats. But now you have many doubts about how to wear them so the whole look does not end up in a disaster. In #Balletinas will give you all the keys.

With what is possible to wear them:

Your blue ballerinas flats look great with white, but we recommend this combination just for the summer months. For the autumn and winter you can try neutral colors like black, as long as they always have some contrast, for example, it does not look good wearing your dark blue flats with black.

For every season of the year you can also go for warm colors like Bordeaux, red, light green or pink. These combinations are a hit for daily and night looks. 

What you should not try:

There’s not a law of which colors you can wear with them and which ones not. It depends on the shade of blue of the ballerinas. If it’s a dark blue it’s better to go for cold light colors or other soft colors. If, on the other hand, your ballet shoes are light blue, the colors that better match are darker cold colors, and also warm tones, but they have to be strong tones.

And a total blue look?

If you are one of the fearless ones, you can try a total blue look with you blue ballet flats. The key is knowing how to choose the shade and intensity. If your ballerinas are light, you can go for a pair of jeans and a navy blue shirt. A very flattering look!

Blue ballet flats ballerina shoes

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