Black Ballet Flats & Ballerina Shoes

Black is the biggest representative of formality and seriousness. It’s a color that plays a very important role in everyone’s closet. Wearing your black ballet shoes with different clothes and accessories you can create very different looks suitable for every occasion: leather trousers and a white T-shirt for a rebel look; a red dress for a sexy look.

Black ballet flats ballerina shoes

How to wear my black flats?

A bit of color…

The colors that best match with black ballet flats are warm colors like red, pink, orange and yellow; also cold colors that are not too dark or similar to black like green, grey or blue. All of them but without forgetting the top color: white.

Total Black look

It’s a trend, and even if we have seen some celebrities wearing a total black look for a daily outfit, from Balletinas we recommend you to reserve this combination only for the night. And now the question raises, how to wear your black ballerinas in the right way with a total black look? Here three basic tips

  • To get light in the look choose some sparkling back ballerinas. In our catalogue you have many to choose from: glitter, sequined…
  • Mix different textures of black. If you go for 100% black look, try to wear your black ballet shoes with clothes in leather and knit. Also it is very important to play with shapes. A skinny trouser with a wide blazer, or a wide trouser with a tight top.
  • Stay away from accessories. Remember “less is more”. Adding accessories to a total black look the only thing you will achieve is to overdone the look and that will not look good on you.

How to wear ballet flats shoes

Black flats only for the winter?

Of course not! For some seasons on black is a trend for summer nights. The key is choosing the right material for the season. In Balletinas he have a huge collection of black ballet shoes, hand-made in skin that brings you many options and advantages for the whole year, nothing to do with synthetic materials ballerinas.

  • Being a porous and absorbent material, black ballet flats are very cool for summer and warm for winter. Also one has to take into account that transpiration does not accumulate, so the chances of having bacteria or fungus, that cause bad smell, are much lower.
  • Also, skin is a much more flexible material, so all the problems and irritations of a new shoe disappear.

You can see our whole collection of black flat shoes in our online store:


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